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Did You Know

 Under 10% of people report being a victim of a scam

  • Are you a Victim?
  • Do you know a Victim?
  • Do you know where to go for Help?
  • Do you know how or where to go to Report?

We know, victims of online scams are often too embarrassed to come forward. However, the more of these incidents that are reported, the better the chance law enforcement will have of shutting down the perpetrators, and the more aware others will be of the dangers lurking online.

So Please, If you have been scammed


Know that victims suffer in silence. If you are a victim or suspect someone is a victim, ASK FOR HELP.

Darlene Petrie, BACS CEO & Founder


Phone: 587-432-6198

WhatsApp: +1-587-432-6198

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Scam Prevention International is your trusted partner in digital security and scam prevention education and awareness. We are passionate about creating a secure, fun, and productive digital experience for everyone by spreading awareness and providing tools that help internet users stay alert so they can detect, prevent and avoid scammers.

We offer 3 tools that are certain to help secure your internet safety and bring peace of mind. 

First, you MUST make sure you have virus protection that has protection solutions such as:

  • Powerful layers of real-time protection
  • Allows you to safely and privately surf the web
  • Shields your devices from digital threats
  • Keeps your data safe and protected

The Feature package we have available has 15 protection and security features which include Antivirus, secure Virtual Private Network (VPN), Webcam and Microphone Blocker, AdBlocker, and much more. Click here to see all the details.

Second, we have a package that alerts you to potential ID theft and fraud and works with you to resolve it no matter how long it takes.

This package:

  • Notifies you of unauthorized transactions, searches and activity
  • Allows you to proactively protect yourself from data breaches
  • Watches your financial accounts, provides financial restoration if identity theft occurs
  • Provides dark web surveillance
  • Scans your social media for unwanted images and posts

It provides continuous monitoring, includes unlimited recovery of your identity if you are compromised, and educates you
about identity theft. Click here for details.

Third, if you believe you have protection but are not sure what is being protected, or would like additional protection, we have a plan for that. Our affiliate, Computer Age Services Enterprise has a program, Virtual Computer Health Care Plan Coverage provides an annual plan that covers up to 3 computer systems. Included in this is, once per year virtual system diagnostics, performance testing, internal cleanups and a virtual tune-up to improve performance, productivity, revenues, and reduce risks of breakdowns affecting business challenges and operations. Also included are monthly virtual remote sessions to check on data backup and security protection on your computer to ensure everything is up to date preventing data loss and security issues and up to 5 hours of virtual remote support for the year.